Security for Cloud Service Providers

Data Privacy for Cloud Service Provider Platforms

Industry analysts and IT surveys agree: security and data privacy concerns are primary factors preventing organizations from fully embracing the cloud.  As a Cloud Service Provider, you can gain immediate business value and expand revenue potential by building data security into your service offerings.

Benefits of Integrated Security with HighCloud 

  • Gain competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Expand revenue potential to customers with sensitive or regulated data
  • Protect customer data against access by unauthorized users
  • Satisfy data residency and privacy requirements
  • Reduce hardware costs through cryptographic multi-tenancy
  • Assure customers that they can de-provision securely without leaving data behind

HighCloud Security for CSPs

HighCloud Security provides highly-scalable, easy to deploy encryption and key management software that lets Cloud Service Providers integrate data privacy and multi-tenancy into their IaaS or SaaS platforms.

Further, the HighCloud solution provides CSPs with a secure multi-tenant environment so they can assure their Cloud customers that their data and applications are cryptographically separated as they is executed, stored, and backed up. Easy administration lets customers and CSPs to make simple policy choices about VM security. Encryption, key management, audit records, and other elements of the solution function transparently and do not require either Cloud customers or CSPs to change their applications or alter the way they use or manage their operations.

With the HighCloud Security solution, CSPs can provide the protection for VMs and data that Cloud customers require. This data protection makes it possible for CSP customers to migrate important workloads to the Cloud while simultaneously satisfying regulatory compliance and security best practice requirements important to winning Cloud services contracts.

“High Cloud Security’s solution for encrypting virtual machines, integrated with our service creates a complete secure cloud solution for our customers” - Jeff Oliver, CEO Varinsic