HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA/HITECH Solution Overview

Virtualization and cloud computing promise Healthcare organizations and their partners significant savings and better services at a lower cost. However, increased regulatory pressure from HIPAA and expanded business associate agreement requirements from HITECH are creating significant security and legal barriers to the adoption of these important technologies.

HighCloud VM-centric security helps healthcare organizations and their partners secure virtualized and cloud environments without extensive reengineering or management cost. HighCloud VM-centric security fulfills key HIPAA security requirements, significantly reduces the risk of data breach disclosure under the HITECH Act, and eliminates data security barriers to cloud computing. HighCloud Security’s solution for healthcare organizations utilizing public, private and hybrid clouds as well as virtualized data center environments include:

  • Encryption of the entire VM: Supports HITECH Act Safe Harbor, addressing HIPAA encryption requirements and supports encrypted backup requirements for meaningful use incentives
  • Controlled access to virtual machines and associated files (e.g. memory files): Supporting HIPAA access control requirements and reducing risk of data breaches
  • Secure backup support through encryption: Provides disaster recovery cost savings
  • Ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) anonymity: Encryption prevents patient information from being identified
  • Meets HITECH Act encryption requirements: Includes storing keys in a separate location than the data, centralized management and FIPS certified algorithms

With HighCloud VM-Centric Security as a key component of our security strategy, we are able to eliminate compliance and security objections and get back to focusing on our core business. After thorough research and testing, we found that HighCloud VM-Centric Security was the only encryption solution that allowed us to meet the security and HIPAA-compliance needs of our rapidly growing and diverse customer base. The solution’s abilities to encrypt and protect both sensitive data and the virtual machine, to streamline key and policy management, and to easily deploy in a variety of cloud and virtualization architectures provide us with a strong and efficient platform to address our virtualization and data security needs as we expand our business.” – Tomas Moran, President and Founder, Health Metrics Systems