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  • "Top 10 Encryption Benefits"

    In this paper, we explore 10 of the common benefits of encryption and show you how HighCloud Security’s unique solutions remove the barriers to adopting an encryption solution.

  • "HighCloud for Cloud Service Providers"

    If you're a Cloud Service Provider, HighCloud security can help you gain competitive advantage and differentiation. Read this Solution Brief to learn more.

  • "Top 10 Encryption Myths"

    Do you think encryption is too slow? Too complicated? Too hard to implement? Think again! Read more.

  • "Encrypting Virtual Machines in Private and Public Clouds"

    This paper explores the different encryption options available for virtualized and cloud environments. It shows how the HighCloud products meet customer needs in public cloud environments as well as meet the needs of regulatory bodies such as PCI and HIPAA/HITECH in virtualized environments.

  • "Data Breach Notification and the Cloud"

    If you're an IT manager looking to virtualize your data center, and leverage a private or public cloud, here's what you need to know about data breach notification

  • "Making Data Security the Foundation of your Virtualization Infrastructure"

    Securing data has never been an easy task. Now, with virtualization and a more dynamic infrastructure, enterprises have an even greater challenge in protecting their data. The good news is that your data can be well guarded in virtualized environments as long as your security teams understand the new ways that virtual machine (VM) elements and data can be exposed and the security technologies available to help solve those problems. The second in the series by security expert Dave Shackleford , this whitepaper explores these topics.

  • "Learn the Essentials of Virtualization Security"

    This paper is the first in a series about the essential security issues arising from virtualization and the adoption of private and public Cloud services. This series will provide the reader with an introduction to each area of security risk and provide some solutions, actions, and third-party sources to help mitigate those risks.

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  • "HighCloud for Private and Hybrid Clouds"

    This data sheet outlines the features, benefits and technical specifications for HighCloud Security Software for use in private, public and hybrid clouds.

  • "HighCloud Datasheet"

    This data sheet outlines the features, benefits and technical specifications for HighCloud Security Software.

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