HighCloud Security addresses data privacy concerns for enterprises and for cloud service providers with flexible, easy to deploy encryption and key management software.

You don’t need to be a Crypto Expert

HighCloud helps organizations lock down virtual machines and their data so they remain secure throughout their lifecycle — from creation until they are securely deprovisioned. And, HighCloud Security is a fraction of the cost of traditional security solutions.

HighCloud’s flexible architecture provides security that is optimized for private, public or hybrid cloud architectures. In addition to protecting VM operating system and application data, HighCloud’s unique approach also protects memory files, copies, snapshots, and templates. The encryption process is completely transparent to end-users, applications and other management processes.

HighCloud Security features centralized, policy-based key management so you can easily control the keys, regardless of where your applications are running. Features include:

Secure Virtual Machines

  • Transparently encrypt virtual machines
  • Protection in storage, in transit, and in backups
  • Supported in data centers, private and public clouds

Key and Policy Management

  • Security-hardened key manager for the highest level of protection
  • Easy-to-use key management system requires no knowledge of keys and cryptography
  • Transparent initial encryption deployment and re-keying enables zero application downtime
  • Role-based administration with separation of duties and true multi-tenancy

Auditing, Reporting, and Compliance

  • Auditing and reporting of all administrative and virtual machine runtime activities
  • Capable of meeting legislative and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Support for external log systems


  • Easily scalable to large enterprise and multi-tenant cloud environments
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing DAS, NAS, or SAN storage systems for rapid deployment
  • Automatically restore protected virtual machines into production, backup and DR environments
  • De-duplication of virtual machines for space efficiency and reduced costs

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