HighCloud Security Software

The HighCloud Security Software suite is comprised of three key components, which can be combined in numerous ways to achieve many security objectives. HighCloud Security software includes:

  • Key and Policy Server (KPS): The Key and Policy Server is a robust, security-hardened key management system that is simple to deploy and easy to use. KPS administrators don’t need to understand cryptography — administrators simply set the desired key strength and policies around key retention or rotation, and the KPS does all the work.
  • Virtual Machine Vault (VMV): HighCloud’s Virtual Machine Vault encrypts virtual machines to secure data in storage and in backups. Encryption can be deployed quickly and transparently, without taking servers or applications offline. Because VMV sits beneath the VM, it is able to secure all elements of the VM, including snapshots and log files that might otherwise expose sensitive or regulated data. VMV gives both enterprises as well as Cloud Service Providers an easy, affordable way to create secure multi-tenancy within their cloud infrastructures.
  • Data Security Module (DSM): Organizations that want to encrypt applications and data in public clouds, private clouds, the data center or physical servers can quickly install the Data Security Module into the OS of their virtual machine or server, ensuring data is secure regardless of where the VM/server resides.

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