Spend a minute listening to industry analyst Jon Collins as he talks about security issues with virtualization and cloud computing.

Jon was named “European Analyst of the Year” in 2009 by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Today, he continues to investigate the social and business impacts of digital technologies

“With HighCloud VM-Centric Security as a key component of our security strategy, we are able to eliminate compliance and security objections and get back to focusing on our core business. After thorough research and testing, we found that HighCloud VM-Centric Security was the only encryption solution that allowed us to meet the security and HIPAA-compliance needs of our rapidly growing and diverse customer base. The solution’s abilities to encrypt and protect both sensitive data and the virtual machine, to streamline key and policy management, and to easily deploy in a variety of cloud and virtualization architectures provide us with a strong and efficient platform to address our virtualization and data security needs as we expand our business.”

Tomas Moran, President and Founder, Health Metrics Systems

If you’re looking to virtualize in or out of the data center, HighCloud Security protects the VM and this protection stays with the VM wherever it goes! So even if the CSP ships pieces of the VM across the continent, it’s still protected.

Dave Shackleford - Founder and Principal Consultant at Voodoo Security. Director, Risk & Compliance and Director, Security Assessments at Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. Chief Security Strategist, EMC Ionix at EMCChief Security Officer at Configuresoft. SANS Instructor - teaches virtualization security to hundreds of companies every year

Virtualization and the cloud are fraught with security concerns. I am very excited by the HighCloud Solution as this addresses many of the concerns people have with storing their data in the cloud and will increase the number of companies and applications that will be able to use cloud based solutions.

Dr Guy Bunker – CTO ExecIA, Cloud expert at ENISA / OpenGroup's Jericho Forum. Former Chief Scientist / Distinguished Engineer at Symantec Corporation. CTO, Application and Service Management Division at VERITAS Software

Throughout the history of IT, we’ve seen technologies that were designed for one purpose finding a use way beyond the original plan. Virtualization started life as a way of helping developers and testers run multiple instances of target platforms, but has quickly become the mainstay of highly dynamic, cloud-based IT environments. In cases such as these, it can take time for the technology to catch up with rapidly evolving needs – while virtualization may have catalyzed a new dawn in computing, its security capabilities have lagged behind the aspirations of many. HighCloud Security was set up specifically to address some very real weaknesses at a deeply technical level, removing a number of hurdles preventing the broader adoption of virtualization in particular, and cloud computing in general.

Jon Collins - Senior Technology Advisor at Inter Orbis. Formerly CEO of analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, Jon was named “European Analyst of the Year” in 2009 by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Today, he continues to investigate the social and business impacts of digital technologies

As a small company we look to the cloud as a means to economically scale our infrastructure. Having spent over a decade in the security industry, I’m well versed with the issues around putting intellectual property and computing resources in the cloud or any other leveraged environment. We will not use the cloud unless we can protect our infrastructure and information with automated controls.

HighCloud Security’s technology would alleviate these concerns and I look forward to trying the product when it becomes available.

Mike Fleck - CEO of CipherPoint Software. Former Senior Director of Sales Engineering and Product Management at Vormetric. Mike has been selling encryption solutions for over 10 years to small, large and government organizations