Management Team

Company Overview:

HighCloud Security was formed by seasoned professionals who average 25 years in their fields of expertise, and bring together unique skill sets in security, storage, operating systems, network protocols, and virtualization. We recognized that security concerns were preventing many organizations from taking full advantage of the Cloud, so we put our attention to solving this problem in a way that was powerful yet drop-dead easy to deploy. We fuel our innovation with the desire to make a difference, the drive to build a stellar company, and occasionally, with beer.

Bill Hackenberger – Co-Founder, President, and CEO

Bill brings 30 years of executive and management experience building and leading engineering and business teams in security companies large and small. For the past 15 years, he has focused on
startups in the enterprise security space. Bill finds smart and savvy people and has them collaborate on tough and exciting problems—problems like making customer-controlled data privacy automatic for any host in the private or public Cloud.

Beer of choice: Guinness Stout—it’s finely crafted, consistently tasty, and has fewer calories. How good is that!

Why he gets up in the morning: Breakfast, with some hot chiles mixed in! Knowing that the Cloud will dominate IT in a few short years, he’s working to bring businesses encryption and data privacy controls that work transparently and seamlessly—in any Cloud, public or private.

Steve Pate – Co-Founder and CTO

Steve brings 25 years of designing, building, and delivering file system, operating system, and security technologies, with a proven history of converting market-changing ideas into enterprise-ready products. Before HighCloud Security, he built and led teams at ICL, SCO, VERITAS, HyTrust, Vormetric, and others (more details on LinkedIn). HighCloud’s resident author, Steve has published two well-respected books on UNIX kernel internals and UNIX file systems, as well as hundreds of articles and blogs.

Beer of choice: It’s all about big hops, but should it be Pliny the Elder, Green Flash, or Tricerahops?

Why he gets up in the morning: He can’t wait to start teasing Tom Orella via email. Also, to get outside, get some exercise, and start the day on a high note. Anything is possible after that, including delivering on the vision of a secure Cloud.

Tom Orella – Vice President Sales and Business Development

Tom has over 25 years of executive sales and business development leadership in dynamic fast-paced, venture-backed startups such as Mi5 Networks, FrontBridge Technologies, Internet Security Systems, ParcPlace, and Informix. His specialty has always been bringing emerging enterprise technologies to market and in building highly skilled, professional direct and channel-based sales organizations.

Beer of choice: A huge fan of IPAs—but all beers are improved by the setting, especially when it’s high in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Why he gets up in the morning: Family, friends, travel, adventures, and, of course, challenge on both fronts—professional and personal. On the work front, his passion is accelerating the growth of startups while delivering tangible value for customers, peers, and investors. In his off-time, there’s his passion for accelerating sport bikes, sports cars, adventure bikes, dirt bikes, and backcountry snowmobiles.

Tushar Tambay – Vice President Engineering

Tushar has spent nearly 20 years tinkering with all manner of operating systems and storage subsystems, from supercomputer databases to standalone, clustered, and distributed file systems for enterprises. Past stints include C-DAC, VERITAS, and Symantec (see his Linkedin profile for his full history).

Why he gets up in the morning: Nothing energizes him more than convincing a passionate team of engineers to pull together to create world-class products.

Beer of Choice: Flavorful Bavarian hefeweizens on hot summer days.

Michele Borovac – CMO

Michele has over 20 years of experience in tech marketing, including roles at Oracle, EFI, Decru, Wanova, and Clarizen (find her on LinkedIn if you want the full rundown). Her specialty is combining strategic marketing with practical execution, especially for companies in emerging markets. She loves the pulse of a great trade show and is viscerally allergic to marketing jargon.

Why she gets up in the morning: Building a world that is better for her family, taking a 5:30 a.m. run, and seeing people get excited when they understand the value that HighCloud Security brings to their business.

Beer of Choice: Anchor Steam—consistent, strong, not too fancy, plus born and bred in San Francisco.