About Us

Corporations are virtualizing their data centers and are increasingly moving their IT processing into the Cloud. While this transition delivers significant cost and management benefits, it also brings a new set of security risks. HighCloud Security is an innovative software company delivering state of the art security technology that allows organizations to securely transition to a virtualized data center or to the Cloud.

The HighCloud Solution safely encapsulates any server’s virtual machine (VM) image so it is protected from unauthorized exposure throughout its lifecycle. This protection applies inside the data center as well as when the VM is being run on a remote host or in the Cloud. With HighCloud Security, if a VM were lost or stolen, an unauthorized user could not run it or dissect it to expose sensitive data. Only authenticated and authorized users can execute the VM, which includes an audit trail of its use. At all times, the organization’s IT staff remain in control of the use of the VM?wherever it might be.

HighCloud Security was founded by 25-plus-year Silicon Valley veterans whose careers have been centered around building and successfully delivering to the market high-performance, highly available, market-ready software products for small, mid-tier, and enterprise customers. With specialties in security, storage, encryption, and operating-system kernel internals, the founders have assembled a team of world-class engineers, each with over 20 years of experience. Their long careers designing and delivering highly reliable solutions gives HighCloud Security the experience in security, virtualization, intrusion prevention, encryption, key management, storage, operating system internals, distributed file system design, and performance management that is essential to solve the challenges of the virtualized data center and the migration to the Cloud.