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Stop by to see the proof-of-concept demo at VMworld 2014

If the field of security is incredibly dynamic, then providing security for dynamic clouds takes it to a whole new level. That’s exactly the challenge the market is facing with VMWare NSX, the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center.

And just as HyTrust was right...

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It doesn't surprise me that we are seeing a number of new reported flaws in OpenSSL. After the Heartbleed bug was announced on April 7th, one thing we could guarantee was that all eyes would be on the OpenSSL source code scrutinizing it for issues.

In an OpenSSL Security Advisory made today, six new vulnerabilities have...

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It’s been quite a year for news, and unsubstantiated rumors about military grade encryption systems being broken and decipherable by nation states. Last year we heard false claims from the Snowden affair about AES being broken. Just yesterday, we have one of the most bizarre announcements in the history of Open Source. The following text sits at the top of what was once the...

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In yet another high profile data breach, eBay announced the breach of account information for over 100 million users. While eBay does not believe the hackers accessed financial data, it is critical that eBay users change their passwords immediately.

The breach is now being investigated by the Attorney General in three states, along with European officials....

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Public voting for VMworld submissions has started! HyTrust, our partners, and our customers have put together a number of compelling sessions on topics including: secure datacenter consolidation, building a FedAMP compliant cloud, insider threats, and the role of policy in SND. You can find our sessions below.

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